A new MPV Spica


 April 16th, 2018, YEMA held a brand promotion activity. Our destination is Guangyuana Jian Men Guan. On the second day of this activity, we drove our cars from Mian Yang to Jian Men Guan. After one-day driving, we finally arrived at our destination-Jian Men Guan and all of people who have experienced this one-day driving have a deep impression on Spica which has a large space, good equipment, low wear and so on.


On the way to Jian Men Guan, the motorcade is uniform, just like a grey silk. Because of its British Mira mediation chassis, Spica has a considerably stable state even on the rugged mountain road.


Nine Spicas could easily contain 30 people and all of the suitcases. As a 7-seat MPV, Spica has 2800 mm over length wheelbase in order to have a large space. 2+2+3 seat layout satisfies customers.


Another remarkable design is the automatic doors, which plays a pivotal role when getting on and off the cars.


After 100-kilometer drive, YEMA spica only use 6.9L gasoline, which sufficiently shows Spica’s low fuel consumption. The powertrain of 1.5L displacement and 5MT improve the driving maneuverability.


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