A Game-changer Is released


A Game-changer Is Coming


Because of the crowded SUV market of China, a great number of potential young buyers are still waiting for something special, or, at least different from the available options of Asian, American or European origins in the market that fail to achieve a balance between price and performance. That is the very reason Yema decides to join this boisterous party with something of a game changer and the determination to make a difference. A vital step is that the direction is taken this month with a prototype of a compact SUV, Yema T60, officially unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show. 


Yema T60 slots into Yema 2.0 line-up beneath T80, a luxury-themed SUV with a bigger size and a muscular body. The young brother of T80 will differ dramatically from current car models of Yema, because it features a much younger look and appeals mainly to the urban millennials who are bored by the available small SUVs and are looking for something not only quality but also new and interesting. Compact in size compared to T70 and T80, it still offers a considerable interior space that allows the whole family to take long trips away from busy urban life in the sunny weekends.


Just like other vehicles of Yema 2.0 line-up, safety of the occupants is always taken as the priority through engineering and production. Any compromise in the protection of customers in favor of cutting costs is unacceptable and unforgivable. The structure and frame is well engineered to allow the guarantee of safety basis. Unlike many compact vehicles that only get equipped on selected models with safety features that could save your lives in case of emergency and grave danger, this compact SUV comes with important safety features as standard.


With the impressive look, the abundant equipment and the guaranteed safety, it will also have an attractive price, which promises a dream car that is affordable for young population.


This compact SUV is already sold in the market. Full specifications and details of the cars is released on our website.

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