T80, Chase your ambition


T80, Chase your ambition


On April 19th, 2017, the all-new Yema T80 was formally launched in Shanghai Auto Show at the presence of domestic and foreign guests who were greatly impressed at one more great achievement Yema made after the successful entry of popular T70 into the promising and competitive SUV market.


As the first work of Yema 2.0 generation line-up, the T80 is greatly improved on its design and performance to compete with the international automobile behemoth. The muscular exterior that boasts bold front grille and strong rear and luxury themed interior with material and fit match that of the premium players set T80 apart from its competitors. As always, the safety of customers is taken as the priority by development team from start to the end, which is demonstrated in the well-designed body frame, generous safety features and latest Bosh ESP configuration. T80 is developed under the strategy of concentration, cooperation and continuity, which is built on the proud history of Yema as a professional SUV maker and close collaboration with respected international engineering entities as UK MIRA and honored research institute and universities as Tsinghua University.


It’s worth to mention that the pre-lunching orders in China have already reached 15,000 units and this number is increasing rapidly, a strong proof of its popularity. The successful debut of T80 and favorable comments from customers both say a promising future for Yema 2.0 line-up. Since the well-planned transition at the beginning of 21th century, Yema is set to become a major player in domestic and overseas automobile market and is dedicated to provide our customers with many ideal transportation solutions. 

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