A game Changer YEMA T80


YEMA T80 is a high-end SUV. When it first published to the market, it left a good impression to its customers. Nowadays, YEMA company will published 2018 YEMA T80 2.0T automatic transmission, which include model Comfort and model Luxury. 
2018 YEMA T80 has a fashionable outlook and practical interior. This T80 has a new function—TMPS, which enable YEMA to have a competitive characteristic. In the meanwhile, the full configuration of 2.0T automatic transmission has a new function--Vehicle intelligent interconnected system, which means that people can use cell phone to control the engine, air-conditioner, doors and windows of their vehicles.
For the model Comfort, its configuration is very attractive, including lighting, front fog lamp, Astern radar, 18 inches aluminum alloy wheel hub, automatic constant temperature air conditioner. It also has many safety configuration, such as EPB, TMPS, Cruise Control system, ESP and HHC.
The maximum power of 2018 YEMA T80 is 150kW, the maximum torque is 280Nm. It meets the displacement standard of Chinese GB V, which equals to Euro V. It is equipped with a 6DCT wet-type double-clutch transmission, which enable the vehicle to fast and smoothly act when shifting. 100KM comprehensive fuel consumption is 8.3L. YEMA T80(2018) is mounted with McPherson rear 5-link independent suspension.  
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