Established at 1980s, and reorganized by FULIN GROUP in 2002, Sichuan Yema Automobile Co., Ltd. (YEMA AUTO for short) is the only Chinese-brand automobile manufacturer in Sichuan Province that has passenger vehicles, buses and new energy vehicles production qualifications. The Yema Brand products were regarded as one of the key products planned by government of Sichuan Province.


YEMA AUTO has three manufacturing bases which locate separately in Chengdu and Mianyang: the Chengdu HQ, Chengdu New Energy Branch and Mianyang Branch. The Chengdu HQ includes Chengdu Passenger Vehicle Co. and Chengdu Bus Co., where the products covering: coaches, commuter buses and city buses, passenger vehicles( SUV, MPV) and new energy vehicles. The Mianyang Branch is located in Mianyang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of around 1.3 million square meters, with total investment of over 3 billion RMB. It has established a first-rate-equipped manufacturing base with four complete vehicle-production processes of multi-vehicle & full automation production lines for both traditional and new energy vehicles in the year of 2014.


The Yema Brand products cover eight series passenger vehicles, buses and new energy vehicles, including over 40 models, such as passenger vehicles (SUV,MPV), 6-m to 12-m city buses, commuter buses, coaches(diesel, CNG, LNG etc.), pure electric passenger vehicles, and pure electric buses and so on.


The holding company- FULIN GROUP, as one of the top comprehensive, modernized, multi-industrial private enterprises in Sichuan Province, China, will fully support the development of Yema Auto with its abundant funds and resources to revitalize Sichuan automobile industry with an ultimate goal of the rise of national vehicle brands.

Holding Company

Manufacturing  / Real Estate / Hotel / Energy Investment / Transportation / Totally more than 80 subsidiary companies

Real Estate
Energy Investment

* Top  private enterprise in China
* Man Power: more than 15,000 employees
* Annual Revenue: up to 12 bn RMB(2014)
* Total Assets: more than 10 bn RMB

Auto Parts and Tools




In The 12th Five-Year Plan and the future,
YEMA AUTO will strive to build domestic leading auto brand
and play an active role in overseas market

  • Chengdu HQ

    Chengdu HQ was built in 2002 after regrouped by FULIN Group. Max Capacity: 80,000 units of passenger vehicles; 5,000 units of buses yearly.

  • Chengdu New Branch

    This base which is under construction will form a production capacity of 15,000 buses (including new energy buses) in 2017.

  • Mianyang Branch

    This new base with world-class equipments, formed a production capacity of 120,000 passenger vehicles in 2014.